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Twisted Tales: Kill Me Softly

Picture of the copy I read

Kill Me Softly by Sarah Cross

What’s it about:

Mirabelle’s parents died when she was just a baby, and has been raised by her two guardians ever since.  While Bliss and Elsa are loving they also have strange rules and a long list of things Mira isn’t allowed to do.  One of those things is returning to her birthplace, Beau Rivage.  Mira decides to sneak out before her sixteenth birthday and go to Beau Rivage to find her parents’ graves.  The thing is, in Beau Rivage fairy tales are real and everyone has a role to play.  Can Mira resist the fate of her fairy tale curse?


I have always enjoyed twisted fairy tales.  I love having something I know and love twisted and turned on it head, so that it is something altogether new.  When Mira gets to Beau Rivage she ends up stopping in a casino where she meets Freddie and Blue.  While Freddie is polite, Blue is anything but and is trying his best to get Mira to leave the casino.  While hiding from Blue and trying to pass the time Mira runs into Felix (the one person Blue didn’t want Mira to meet).  Felix gets Mira a room (his father owns the casino) and promises to help her search for her parent’s grave.  What follows is Mira trying to uncover what is going on in Beau Rivage, and why no one wants her near Felix.  Oh and of course Mira starts to fall for Felix.  But what is Felix’s curse? And why does Blue want her to stay away from him?

I’ll be honest after reading the first chapter (in which you discover Mira’s plans for running away), I was wondering why I wanted to read the book in the first place.  Initially I didn’t like Mira.  However, she eventually grew on me.  That is not to say there were not moments in which I was screaming at the book for her to get a clue.  Everyone is telling Mira that Felix is bad news, they can’t tell her what his curse is exactly, but they warn her to stay away.  It is so frustrating to have a character ignore everyone around them; then again don’t we all know people who do just that?  While Mira is frustrating she isn’t unique.  Plenty of us ignore the warning signs because we are in love and believe everyone else has to be wrong.

Eventually Mira learns of Felix’s curse (which is also Blue’s curse), and she falls victim to her own curse.  However, Mira doesn’t let fate decide anything for her.  She may be foolish when it comes to love and trust, but she is going to follow her own heart no matter what.

In the end this book became a page turner for me, it kept me hooked wanting to know how things would turn out.  I loved the many different fairy tale curses interwoven, and how important having control of their fate is to all the characters.  Even if I was destined to have a handsome, sweet prince save me I think I’d want to have a say in who I love and why.  I’d also want the power to save myself.


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