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Zombies, Oh My! Review: Ashes

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Ashes by Ilsa J. Bick

Ashes starts with Alex hiking through the woods in order to say goodbye to her parents.  While hiking, Alex runs into an 8-year-old named Ellie and her grandfather.  Then the electromagnetic pulse (EMP) flashes and kills all the electronic devices.  Not only do the electronics stop working, but some people simply drop dead while teenagers are changed into brain-zapped zombies.

This book had me up at night.  Not because I was scared (although I was creeped out at points) but because this book was good.  I couldn’t put it down.   I have found in the last few months that I really love zombie related things (movies, books, television shows, etc.).  Zombies creep me out, which is probably why I’m so fascinated (while you may decide I sound crazy after this, I’m going to say it anyway: I find zombies to be one of the more-likely-to-be-possible-in-real-life monsters).  What I like about Ashes is that while it is a book with zombies in it, the brain-zapped teens are only a part of the story.  Ashes is also about the rest of humanity and how this disaster changes everyone, not necessarily physically but morally.  It makes you wonder how you would react.  Survival is obviously necessary, but how far would you go to survive?  Killing a teen who is going to try to eat you is one thing, but killing someone in your same situation?

When I saw Ashes on Goodreads I wanted to read it.  Unfortunately my library did not own a copy.  After checking out more reviews for the book, I decided I needed to read it so I sent in a request for the library to purchase the book.  My library system purchased five copes!  While I would have just bought the book if the library had not purchased a copy, I’m really glad they did because this is a book that will be really easy to book talk and get teens to read.

Ashes is the first in a trilogy.   Book two, Shadows, is due out in September, and I am dying to read it! Ashes ended with a great cliffhanger, one that makes me wish I hadn’t read it until the second book was already out so that I could just continue reading.  I will be getting this book the day it comes out!  One other thing I’d like to comment on:  In a few reviews I read, mostly on Goodreads, the reviewers felt the last 200 pages were not as good as the first half.  I really disagree with this sentiment.  The end had me as captivated as the beginning.  The end has less running from zombies & surviving-on-the-move action; it had more of the questions regarding humanity.  How do groups who banned together survive? What secrets are people hiding?  How far are people willing to go to survive?  Can you keep your humanity?  I love these questions as much as the action.


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