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Review: The Book of Blood and Shadow

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The Book of Blood and Shadow by Robin Wasserman


What’s it about:   One night Nora finds her best friend, Chris, dead, his girlfriend in a catatonic state of shock, and her boyfriend Max missing.  Everything seems to be connected to an ancient manuscript which Nora, Chris, and Max have been helping a professor decipher.  Nora’s search for Max takes her to Prague, where she needs to uncover the mystery of the manuscript in order to save her own life.


What I like about it:  First of all this is a standalone book.  I was looking for something that would have the whole story in one book and not broken into several books.  This book fit the bill.  Don’t get me wrong I love a lot of trilogies but sometimes you just want a whole story in one book.  Know what I mean?

Another aspect I love…the history.  The Voynich manuscript is real, and still has not been deciphered.  Certain characters are also real, for example Elizabeth Weston and Edward Kelley.  I love that Wasserman took a real piece of history and created an imagined story around it.

Also Prague sounds amazing and mysterious, and I now want to visit Prague because of this book.  Making me want to visit some place after reading about it lets me know the author did a fantastic job in regards to setting.

The mystery of the Voynich manuscript grabbed me from the beginning.  I wanted to know if Max was guilty.  Did Nora really know Max as well as she thought?  We all like to think we know our significant other, but how well do we really know anyone?  Especially in a relationship that is still in its infancy.  The letters from another century helping put the pieces of the mystery of the manuscript in place were perfect.  I love having characters from different centuries interact with one another but in a realistic way.  Letters do survive centuries and those letters can hold answers in them.


If you are looking for a good standalone book that involves mystery, history, and a foreign country then I recommend The Book of Blood and Shadow.  Also check out this awesome interview: Libba Bray’s Interview with Wasserman


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