Recollections: Reviews by a Book Lover

Let’s Get Graphic: The Girl Who Owned a City

Edited with PicMonkey

The Girl Who Owned a City by O.T. Nelson

Adopted by Dan Jolley

Illustrated by Joelle Jones

Okay, I have been trying to read more graphic novels lately so I can recommend good ones.  The Girl Who Owned a City is a dystopia and is based on a novel from 1995.  All the adults have died and only those under 12 have survived.  The survivors have to find food and supplies in order to survive.  Unfortunately some of the children have band together to create gangs which steal from others rather than finding supplies on their own.  Lisa is tired of having others steal what she worked hard to find.  She decides to get the kids on her block to band together to protect each other.    Eventually Lisa moves everyone into a school which they can fortify from the gangs.

First of all I love the art work in this graphic novel! The pictures and the coloring (I’m a fan of colored graphic novels over black & white) all worked perfectly to help convey the story.   I liked the plot of the story, and anyone who likes dystopias (especially dystopias without adults) will enjoy the story.  However, if you want a story in which you will like the main character, keep looking.  I did not like Lisa.  She refers to the city as hers, and acts like she owns it.  I understand needing a leader, but unlike the characters I don’t think I’d like Lisa.  She does give people jobs and puts people in charge of certain areas, but I didn’t feel like she really listened to others’ suggestions.  So while I liked the plot of the book, I did not like the main character.  She was hard to sympathize with.  The focus of the plot is on fortifying a place from the gangs for them to live.  I felt like only one of the characters considered the long-term when he suggested farming.  Lisa didn’t seem to take the idea into much consideration which I felt was foolish considering that scavenging will only work for so long.  Overall I recommend this graphic novel, and it is definitely a quick, good read.


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