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Review: Revived


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By Cat Patrick


I read Forgotten by Cat Patrick and really loved it.  It had an interesting plot point about a girl who can’t remember anything from her past because of an accident.  When she goes to bed at night her brain resets and she only knows what is going to happen in the future.  She knows who people are because they appear in her future, but once someone disappears from her future she doesn’t remember them, therefore she has to write herself notes every night about what happened that day.  I really loved the concept and the fact it was a standalone novel.  When I saw Patrick had a new book out, Revived, I couldn’t wait to read it.

Revived also has an interesting premise.  The government developed a drug which can bring people back to life, so long as the damage to their bodies is not severe and the death did not happen because of a disease.  The drug is still being tested and is therefore a secret.  Daisy is one of the government’s test subjects along with other students who were in a bus accident when they were younger.   Daisy has been brought back to life several times by the drug (the first time being the day of the crash), and each time she has to move and change her name because she was declared dead.  Daisy generally doesn’t make friends in her new towns, but something changes when Daisy moves this time and she starts to get attached to people.  But what will happen if Daisy gets too attached?

There is romance, and mystery, along with twists and turns.   I literally could not put this book down.  I took it with me to the beach, and then finished it that night because I couldn’t get myself to stop reading.  Again this book was a standalone, which I love.  However, what I really loved about it was the questions it raises about death.  What does death mean?  We all perceive death in different ways, but how would someone who has died and come back to life perceive death?  What if there was a drug that could bring us back to life and give us a second chance if we died too soon?  The government keeps the testing of the drug a secret because they know how people would react if they knew a drug like that existed.  What would you risk to get your hands on the drug to save a loved one?


Revived is one of my favorite reads of the summer so far, I recommend picking up a copy!



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  1. * Brittany says:

    Oooh wow, this sounds really awesome! Thanks for the review 🙂

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