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Review: Ripple by Mandy Hubbard

Sorry it has taken me so long to post.  I’ve been busy applying to jobs (something I really need to do) and helping my sisters paint some rooms (something that looks more fun than it actual is).    I’ve also had some per Diem work at a local library branch.  Yay for working!  Plus I’ve been catching up on Supernatural (in fact I’m watching an episode right now), I can’t help it I’m hooked!


Edited with PicMonkeyOkay back to the reason you visit this blog….Mandy Hubbard’s Ripple.

What it’s about:  On Lexi’s sixteenth birthday she discovers she is cursed.  Every night she is drawn to the water and forced to sing.  Lexi learns of her curse when her singing lures the boy she loves to his death.  In order to protect those she loves, Lexi has shut herself off from all her friends.  For a year Lexi has been shunned by all her friends because of her icy demeanor, until Cole (the best friend of the boy she loved/killed) decides to try and break through her façade.  When Lexi finally starts to think things may get a little better, a new boy, Erik, shows up at school with a secret of his own and the promise of a normal life.

What I thought:  I understand Lexi’s icy attitude, trying to freeze her friends out in order to keep them safe.  I also understand how after a year of being shut off from her friends, Lexi finally starts to let someone, Cole, in.  It isn’t easy to keep everyone you love and care about at bay, and when someone finally tries to break your wall down, it’s hard not to accept that.

However, I didn’t fully connect with Lexi, although she was a likeable character overall.  The other characters aren’t developed too fully, but you get enough of their personality/ makeup for the story to work.

Towards the beginning of the story Lexi gets a book her mother left her.  Lexi flips through it and discovers some information about her curse; however, I was a little disappointed that Lexi never refers to the book again.   It seemed it was going to be important, but actually revealed very little beyond how the curse started.

I picked up Ripple because I noticed mermaid like books were growing in number.   While it isn’t a mermaid story per say, but it does involve a girl who is forced by a curse to swim every night.   It wasn’t my favorite book of the year, but it was a good quick read.  Ripple has romance, supernatural elements, and a little mystery, so anyone looking for those elements will enjoy it.


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