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Review: Edgewood by Karen McQuestion

Edgewood by Karen McQuestion

I’m going to start off this review by letting you know I received my copy of Edgewood through a GoodReads First Reads giveaway.


What’s it about:  The night Russ Becker witnesses a strange astronomical event, his world changes forever. Before long Russ discovers he’s developed incredible superpowers, and he’s not the only one. Three other young people—beautiful Mallory, arrogant Jameson, and mysterious Nadia—have had the same experience and all of them now have powers of their own.  At first the four relish their newfound gifts, but things become serious when they learn they are being hunted by an organization that wants them for its own nefarious purposes. When Russ’s family is threatened, he’s forced into action. What transpires will change all of them in ways they never imagined. (Summary from


What I Liked:  I love the idea of teens with superpowers. (I want superpowers!).   I like how they developed the powers due to an astronomical event, and I love how all their superpowers are connected to energy in some way.  This fact lends some stability to how the event affected all of them, and why it can differ but still be similar.  I also love Russ Becker’s voice.  While there were times where I didn’t necessary feel some of his lines fit a teenage boy, he did feel authentic overall.  I will mention there were times when I got really frustrated with Russ and the choices he was making.  He did not seem to understand the dangers involved in telling others about his powers in the beginning, and even after being warned he made some poor decisions.

For me Edgewood was a page turner, and I look forward to reading the sequel.  There are questions left open for the sequel, which I look forward to finding out the answers to.  Also a romance seems to be budding, so those of you who love a little romance thrown in, have no fear.  Although the romance isn’t really in the first book, I think (hope) the second will capture it more.


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