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Zombies, Oh My! Soulless Review

Soulless by Christopher Golden (2008 – MTV Books)

This post is in honor of Halloween  J

The YA librarian where I’m temping gave me this book to read (thank you for the great recommendation!).

What’s it about:  Zombies!  (haha are you surprised?)  The morning TV show in Times Square New York is having a mass séance live on the air.  The idea is to open a window for spirits to contact their loved ones.  Only the mediums didn’t realize just what they would be releasing.  Now the dead are rising from their graves, and they are empty and hungry inside.  The mediums are catatonic and the effects of the séance are spreading from New York all the way up and down the east coast.

The dead that are coming back are seeking their loved ones.  However, there is nothing good left of the person they once were.  Instead they are cruel and hungry.

What I like:  These are not mindless zombies.  They start out that way but they soon get smart.  They plan attacks, they talk, and they are cruel.  Traditional zombies are creepy enough but add smarts and the ability to speak….creepy.

Now to the main characters…there are a few main characters in this book.  The awesome part…they are diverse.  There are girls, guys, black, white, Asian, lesbian, different classes and social standings, etc.  This fact isn’t something that affects the story.  It is just realistic, a group of teens from all over the east coast converging on Times Square would be diverse!  It is a great blend of teens.  None of these teens are willing to sit by and hope the dead stop rising, they want to do something about it.  Their decisions will not be easy, and people they love will die along the way.  What would you be willing to do in order to survive? How far would you go to stop the dead?

This was a fast pace page turner.  It gave me the creeps!  It was a great read for October to get in the Halloween spirit.



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