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Review: Adaptation

Adaptation by Malinda Lo

What it’s about:  Birds all across North America are crashing planes, killing thousands of people.  Reese and David are stuck at the airport with their debate teacher unable to get a flight home.  The three decide to rent a car when it becomes clear there won’t be any flights in the near future.  Events unfold and soon Reese and David are in a car crash.

27 days later Reese and David wake up in a hospital, and are only told cutting edge medical procedures have saved their lives.  Before leaving the hospital they have to sign nondisclosure agreements to never talk about what happened to them.  But what did happen to them while they were in a coma?  How did they survive the crash?


What I thought:  I read Malinda Lo’s Ash which I absolutely loved, so I was excited to hear she wrote a sci-fi book.  I wasn’t let down by Adaptation.  First of all, conspiracy theories abound in this book!  And who doesn’t love a good conspiracy theory?  Reese’s best friend Julian is obsessed with the conspiracy theories surrounding the plane crashes and also Area 51.  Is he right about Reese and David having been at a hospital in Area 51?  What caused the birds to go crazy?

Romance lovers have no fear, there is romance.  Reese likes David and he likes her, but she doesn’t want a relationship.  However, all that changes when she meets Amber.  Reese has feelings for Amber, feelings she didn’t realize she had for girls.  Reese’s feelings get complicated as the plot progresses.  She needs to figure out why she feels the way she does, and who she trusts enough to let in.  While I appreciate a romance worked into the plot, (especially one with the complications of figuring out how you can feel for two different people) I did feel like the focus on the relationship was center stage too often.  This may just be because I was more interested in learning what happened to Reese and David while they were in the hospital.

According to GoodReads there is going to be a sequel to this book.  I was happy to discover that because the ending left me wanting more.


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