Recollections: Reviews by a Book Lover

Picture Books!

While temping as a Children’s Librarian last week I read some great picture books.  I know I don’t normally post about picture books, but I figured I’d share these cute titles.

NightsongNightsong by Ari Berk, Illustrated by Loren Long

This is the story of Chiro, a bat, whose mother sends him out on into the world for the first time on his own.  Chiro learns how his song guides him through the dark night.  I loved this story and Chiro is an adorable little bat.



Waking Dragons by Jane Yolen, Illustrated by Derek Anderson Dragons

Our young knight must wake up two very sleepy dragons before heading off to school.  The reader goes through the knight’s routine as he wakes the dragons and gets them ready for the day ahead.  You’ll love the antics involved in getting two dragons ready in the morning.  This book is full of energy, wonderful illustrations, and fun.

Tell MeTell Me About Your Day Today by Mem Fox, Illustrated by Lauren Stringer

At bedtime a boy asks his stuffed animals about their day, and then shares what he did that day.  This is an adorable bedtime story.  You’ll love hearing the adventures the stuffed animals had that day, as well as, seeing how all their stories are connected.


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