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Zombies, Oh My: Shadows

Shadows by Ilsa J. Bick

This is the sequel to Ashes.  If you haven’t read Ashes yet, then I suggest you check out my review here instead of reading this review.  This review will probably spoil Ashes, since it is hard to talk about this book without mentioning events from the first.

Shadows picks up right where Ashes left off.  At the end of Ashes Alex has escaped Rule, only to land in danger, Chris was knocked unconscious, and we had no idea what happened to Tom.  We are thrown right back into the action.  I have to admit I was confused at first because it had been so long since I’d read Ashes.  However, after a discussion with the YA librarian where I work, and some further reading, everything I was confused about cleared up.

Also of interest in Shadows is how the Changed are evolving, getting smarter, working together more.  There are a lot of questions surrounding the Changed, and we still are unsure if those who haven’t Changed are safe from it.  Also, like many dystopian novels, we see the breakdown of humanity and how some people are even worse than the monsters.

Shadows is a fast-paced, page turner.  The chapters jump from character to character, and end in cliff hangers.  You want to know what happens to Alex but the next chapter is about Chris so you keep reading in order to get back to Alex, only to end the chapter wanting to know what happens to Chris.  So you just keep reading rather than going to sleep like you were supposed to hours ago.

If you haven’t started reading this trilogy yet, then I recommend you do! I’m know I’m looking forward to book three in the trilogy!


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